Gourmet Paper Mache
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Your Paper Mache Art Gallery 5
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I love this.  Here are a self-described "bunch of librarians" who used my dragon-making book to make dragons for the library.  Congatulations, from left to right, Betty, Judy, Sarah, Merrill, and Lena.

Check out Barb and her paper mache "Grumpfish".  Fantastic!

Below is Lisa's Paper Mache Dog -very cute!

Margot's paper mache "Mr Rat"...and below
... "Franky Baby"  and Clown

Below are some really cool paper mache projects.   They are based on video game beasts.
Lyman's  "Hindenbug"
Check out Lyman's website here

and...Lyman's "Stalac Tiger"

Lyman's latest paper mache project.

Another great Screamer below.

Joseph's "Izzy and Barney" (which one is paper mache?)

Martina's Paper Mache Dragon and Cat Skeleton

Below (left column) are paper mache projects made by students in Renee Capp's class (art instructor at County High School, Taylorsville, Kentucky).  Fantastic!

Below are two of David's paper mache creations.

This one is " Bad Santa" (bad indeed!)

And David's paper mache Gorilla mask.  Fantastic!

Below is Angie's paper mache "Booger".  This is her first paper mache  project.  Amazing!

Marc D's fantastic paper mache art.  Above is "Nessie."  Below is "
Wildwood Willy" 

Randolph's paper mache Dragon
(Hard to believe but this is his first paper mache project!)

Bridget's Paper Mache Gargoyle

Tony's paper mache dinosaur head (above) and monster in a cage (below).

Above and below, Randolph's amazing paper mache fish.   (I love the yellow one!)

 Ljgato's Paper Mache Pumpkins

Chrissy has made three great paper mache projects.  Below is her mask, her Bird Marionette (without the strings) and her Sea Dragon.

And another class, this time Nancy's (you can guess which one she is) art class.  Below are some of her students with their paper mache Screamers.   Excellent work kids!  This reminds me of my old Screamer building days with my students.  What fun, and what a mess!