Gourmet Paper Mache
Hey, I'm an artist not a webmaster.   These pages are under construction.  Come back. Everything should be working  soon.

Your Paper Mache Art Gallery 1

The best part of having my website is meeting people who enjoy paper mache like I do.   Some are using my paper mache techniques, some aren't.  But they love making paper mache sculpture.   Here is the first page of photos they have sent to me.   Use the links below to find more pages.   P.S.  If you got here first, please visit my Home Page.  If you want commentary on art projects being built (and maybe an instructional video about my paper mache techniques or two, then visit my blog as well, Paper Mache Blog.   Enjoy!!

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Your Paper Mache 18, Your Paper Mache 19

Bernardita's paper mache Dragon (named "Dan") and Fairy

Coy's paper mache Chupacabra with Miss Irene (on the left)

Travis' paper mache Dragon Trophy

Chris' Screamer

Kent's paper mache "Karl"

Tim's paper mache "Lil Red Dragon"

Willow's "Harey" (above)
 "Barbie's Bear" (below)

Ben and his paper mache Red Dragon

Alyse's paper mache Octopus and Elephant

jeanine's paper mache dragon head
Jeannine' paper mache Dragon Head

Eva's "Checker"

6th Grade paper mache "Odyssey of Mind Dragon" made by Michale, Noelle, Samantha, Marie, Nick, and Zachary from Newtown, CT

Bridget's paper mache Gargoyle

David's paper mache "Alice" (above)
 "Three Headed Snake" (below)

Chrisian's First Paper Mache Project

Karen's Sea Serpent (head above, rest of the 30 ft below)

Hugue's paper mache Dragon

And speaking of Screamers...

Chris' paper mache "Screamer Class"

Anthony's paper mache "Paco Steve"

Lauren's Screamer (below)

and Tiffany's Screamer (below)

Willow's "Tea for Two"
(okay, as Willow points out, this is not paper mache.  But it is too good not to put on this site as well as her own.  Visit Willow)

Below is Willow's newest piece (which is made with paper clay).  It's called "Draco Eatonus"

Jamie's "Earth Dragon: Master of Might"

Lucie's paper mache "Big Titus"

Konstantin's paper mache Art (above and below)

Andrew's paper mache Bat

Bill's paper mache Fish Head

Luella's paper mache Pumpkins

Dave's paper mache "Chuckle Butt"

Colleen's Pumpkins, Witch, and Monster

Carlos' Green Monster with Christopher and Nicol Carlos likes to surround children with monsters (See below)

Matt's paper mache Troll

Lucie's Dragon (look below, after making lighting and color adjustments I found Lucie's cat "Blacky" in the background...appropriate name!)

Crisi's paper mache Scary Gary"

Erik's "Dragon and Dinner"

Mary's Dragon (above and below)

Zoe finishing her paper mache Dragon

Joel's paper mache Dragon

Carlos' Dragon Warrior (and cute kid)

Carlos' dragon cyborg warrior

Another Carlos' Warrior

Leslie's paper mache Dragon

Cathy's paper mache Dragon

Ana's paper mache Dragon