Gourmet Paper Mache
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Paper Mache Instructional Videos
I realize that the paper mache videos on my home page (and You Tube) are very fast.   They are not meant to be instructional.  They are meant to be entertaining.    After all, I'm trying to fit three or four weeks of work into a video less than three minutes long.    Of course many people want to learn my paper mache techniques after watching the videos.   Because there is so much demand for "slower" videos, I made this set.    I must be honest here and tell you that I didn't enjoy making them.    They were much harder (and time consuming) to produce than I expected.  So I stopped after three lessons.    If you watch them all, they will get you through the paper mache steps and a couple assembly steps.  That's better than nothing.   It these videos are not enough for you, then buy one of my books.   Those are fully illustrated and will lead you through every step of my paper mache process.  They will also give you hints and paper mache "trade secrets".   

  Start here with the Introduction

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And Paper Mache Lesson 1- Part 1

Lesson 1, Part 2
Below is Paper Mache Lesson 2- Part 1

And Paper Mache Lesson 2-Part 2

Finally, Lesson 3 part 1

And Lesson 3 part 2

A Sad Note:  I'm really sorry.  I fully intended to finish this series of videos.  But I never did.  It's now been a few years since I made these, and I must accept the fact that I probably won't finish this series.   This will get you through the paper mache part of monster making.  I really think that by watching my Youtube videos, particularly the one below, along with these instructional videos, you will know how to finish.   You can always contact me if you have questions.  I can be reached at dan@gourmetpapermache.com.  Thanks for your understanding.

If you are interested here is the "Ignite Seattle" talk I gave about Paper Mache.