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About My Books:

Papier Mache Monsters
(2009, Gibbs Smith Publishers)
This is the most recent iteration of my first book,  
The Simple Screamer: A Guide to the Art of Papier and Cloth Mache
(1984, Gibbs Smith Publishers), and its sequel, Make Something Ugly for a Change:  The definitive Guide to Papier and Cloth Mache (1999, Gibbs Smith Publisher).  This is a very comprehensive book.   It contains everything I've learned about paper mache over the past four decades.  Like the first two books, the focus here is on making a monster while learning the techniques.  Why a monster?  Because you can't make a mistake.   I do show how to make other projects as well.  

Paper Mache Dragons: 
I love dragons.  You might even say that I have a dragon problem.  I make other projects, but I'm always thinking of making another dragon.   In fact, I'm thinking of one that I'm making right now.   I made this book for people similarly afflicted.  Truth is, I just couldn't fit a really detailed  set of instructions for dragon making into my monster making book.    This is also a stand alone book.  It will teach you everything you need to know about paper and cloth mache.    See sample pages below.

William's Treasure
This book has nothing to do with paper mache.  This is a very sweet, poignant children's book.  While paper mache is my claim to fame, this is the book that makes me the most proud.   I took two years off from my paper mache practice to get this book out of my head, where it had been for many years, and onto the pages of this book.    I think it's a great book with a great message, for adults and kids alike.  See some sample pages below.   Listen, if you buy this book and don't like it, keep it, and I'll refund the purchase price.

Update, December 17
I am sorry but the number of books I have going out has exceeded the number I have coming in.   Once again, I am waiting for books to arrive from my suppliers.  They will get here, but I can't say exactly when.   I am still taking orders.   But PLEASE NOTE that I can't say when they will be processed.   I will get the books to you as soon as I am able.  It just could take a little while, maybe even after New Years day.  So please, only push the buttons if you understand that you are getting into a line.   I'm sorry about this.  I just didn't see this viral-video thing coming.   If you want books more quickly you can get them from Amazon (here).  Amazon will still get the Dragon book to you before Christmas!   And you can get the Papier Mache Monsters book directly from my publisher, Gibbs-Smith Publisher (here).  Gibbs-Smith has copies in stock and they also sell Kindle versions if you need a copy instantly.  The only difference between buying books from those companies rather than from me is that they won't be autographed.  Thank you for understanding!   

If you'd like to buy on or more of these books just click on the button.   It will take you to a secure PayPal page.  You do not have to be a PayPal member.  They take credit cards.   The even take checks (small pieces of paper that old people once used to buy things).    I will ship within 24 hours of payment.  I do NOT make money on shipping.   If you live outside the US, please select "outside the US?"    If you have any questions at all, please contact me!

Another note for you to please read before you push any button to buy.  I have always personalized my autograph when I get book orders.   That is, I write something to the person who made the order.   As of late I've been scolded for doing that.  Apparently, there is "re-sale" value to books that are simply dated and autographed.   Having a personal note usurps that possibility.  Not being aware of any of this I have inadvertently "ruined" a few books.  I am really trying hard to follow the rule in life about making as few people angry as possible.  So I need to institute a new protocol.  I will sign the book to whoever the "buyer" is on the Paypal notice (as opposed to the person on the shipping address) unless you tell me otherwise.   When you make your order, Paypal will ask if you have any instructions for me.  That would be the place to tell me what you want me to do.    Thank you!

Papier Mache Monsters & Paper Mache Dragons
$29.95 + shipping (autographed)

3 Book Special

If you want all three books... may the gods be with you.

Papier Mache Monsters & Paper Mache Dragons & Williams Treasure
$41.95 + shipping (autographed)

Papier Mache Monsters
$15.99 ($1 off retail and autographed) + shipping

Papier Mache Monsters

I have to tell you that Amazon will sell this to you for less than I can.   But it won't be signed.   And I won't spy on you.   And they won't answer all of your questions.   Still...if you must...

William's Treasure
$14.25 + shipping (autographed)
More about William

William lives in the forest.  His life is simple and serene, although punctuated by episodes of frivolity and pure joy.  That is, until one evening, when he decides to investigate a strange but alluring glow on the horizon and discovers a brilliantly lit, powerfully enticing, treasure-trove of a place called, “Stuff for U!”  The moment William steps into the place he is caught in a web of desire.  A new William emerges, one that wants stuff.  He starts collecting things, first by the handful, then the armful, a wagon load, a small heap, and ultimately a gigantic pile.  Concurrently, his innocent, happy life gives way to one of worry, anxiety, paranoia, and an insatiable appetite for more.  Eventually, the need to reclaim his old blissful self pulls William off his pile of stuff and sends him back to his forest home.   I think that this story perfectly illustrates the classic  relationship between stuff and happiness.  

William's Treasure is 46 pages long, with water color and  pen-and-ink  illustrations.  The examples below are very low resolution samples. 

Happy William on his path.

William on his little pile of stuff.

Crusty William on his humongous pile of stuff.

$14.99 (Autographed) + shipping

Paper Mache Dragons

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paper mache dragon- page 32

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