Gourmet Paper Mache
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My Paper Mache Art Gallery 2

Outdoor Paper Mache Dragon

I have been asked for years to make paper mache sculptures that could be put outdoors.   I've made feeble attempts.  But this time I've made something that might work.  This paper mache dragon is my first experiment.  I have put it in the apple tree in my front yard.  I'm going to watch it and see what happens.   Of course I may not know the results for a long while (that would be a good thing, right?).   So here it is from various angles.

Weatherproofing paper mache has been one the holy grails of the medium.  If what I'm trying actually works, then I'll publish my results in "Paper Mache Weekly" (once such a thing exists).  

My first paper mache dragon, "Punk" 

Paper Mache Rendition of Little William
(from "William's Treasure")

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Paper Mache Albino Dragon

My first paper mache dragon trophy.   I found this photo in a box in my basement.  

A Large Paper Mache Red Dragon
(5 feet tall by 5 feet across)