Gourmet Paper Mache
Hey, I'm an artist not a webmaster.   These pages are under construction.  Come back. Everything should be working  soon.
A Site about My Paper Mache

Welcome to my Paper Mache website! This site is all about paper mache.  There are instructional videos about paper mache, time-lapse videos of paper mache projects being made, many paper mache galleries, and lots of information about paper mache techniques. 

My name is Dan Reeder.   I’m a paper mache artist living in Seattle, Washington.   For more about me, go to    About Me/Links.  If you want to see some current paper mache projects being made, or discuss paper mache techniques, then visit my Paper Mache Blog!

This site is about Paper Mache Art.   Have a look around.   The buttons above are pretty self-explanatory.  For paper mache techniques, you can watch my videos.   I have instructional videos and fast, time-lapse videos.   I also have books.  The one below, "Papier Mache Monsters" is my latest.  I have others.  Want a paper mache dragon?  Look below.   For more information about them, go to my paper mache books page.

 Dan Reeders papier mache monster book
  Papier Mache Monsters is the most comprehensive book I've ever written.  It has every trick I know about paper mache.   For more information just click on the book!

If you are interested in just making a paper mache dragon, then consider my dragon-making book.
Paper Mache Dragons
While paper mache is my claim to fame, my pride and joy is the children's book I wrote.   I has nothing to do with paper mache.  But it is a great little book with a great message.   Check it out while you are here.   Yes...just click on it for more information.
a very cute childrens book about a dragon

While you are here....

I participate in the "Top 100 craft site" report.  If you like this site (I think I'm the only paper mache site on the list)please cast your vote for me by clicking the link below.    It will open a window for you to view the list.    Look at the list, or stay at my site and browse.   Either way, thanks for visiting!

button to check my standings

And thanks for your support of my rather eccentric art style.  I really appreciate it. I've been trying to bring paper mache into the realm of legitimate art for over 40 years.

large paper mache dragon trophy on wall
Paper Mache Dragon for your living room.  More examples in my Galleries.

This is my latest paper mache commission.    I made it during the Chinese Year of the Dragon.   I do a few commissions every year.    I offer a few other services as well.    If this interests you, go to my For Sale page.
paper mache year of the dragon dragon
See more photos of this dragon in my second Gallery.

Your Paper Mache
Many people have purchased my books or watched my videos and used my techniques with spectacular results.  Check out Jacks paper mache dragon (with baby).   Magnificent!
jacks paper mache dragon
Not everyone uses my paper mache techniques.   They have their own style and methods.   I have many pages of paper mache projects made by other people.    Check them out in my Your Paper Mache Photos pages.

Look at this skull made by Willow!  Simply amazing!
paper mache skull willow
Okay, so there isn't a lot of paper mache in this piece.   But I love it, so I posted it.   See more of Willow's work here.

And you have to see Ron and Angela's dragon golf cart!  This isn't your third grade paper mache!  This isn't your normal golf cart either!
paper mache golf cart dragon
Can you imagine driving up to the course in this!  Ron and Angela can.  I love paper mache!

Special note for December, 2014. Hello to anyone new to this site.  A couple of my videos have gone viral.  Wonderful and overwhelming.  I am buried in emails and messages.  If you are one of the ones who has contacted me, please be patient.  I'll get back to you.   It just might take a while.  This has affected my book sales as well.   You can read about that on my "book" page (here).  Meanwhile, take a look around.    I know that this site is a bit antiquated and even confusing to navigate.   I am in the process of redesigning it.   The new look will be unveiled by February.  Come back and check it out.  Thank you so much for your interest! 

Below are a few of my latest videos.  Please watch in HD! 

My idea of a cute little shark.   Enjoy!

Here is my Fall 2014 dragon.  Hope you like it.

And I made another dragon trophy.  Can't seem to stay away from dragons.  Please watch in HD.   And subscribe to my Youtube channel if you haven't already.

Well, maybe I'm not just about dragons.  Here is a dog I made.   You can see the time-lapse video of him being made if you click on the photo.  Double click to take you to Youtube if you want to subscribe.

Dan Reeder's paper mache dog
I have a dragon problem.  I can't stop making them.   Below is a trophy that I profile in the book to the left.   Just click on the photo if you want to see the video of this trophy being made.
Dan Reeder's new paper mache dragon trophy

Below is a paper mache trophy of Maleficent's son (a follow-up of the commission I made last year of Maleficent, from the original Disney movie, "Sleeping Beauty."   Here is a photo.  You can see more of him on my blog.

paper mache son of maleficent
You can also see one of my time-lapse videos of this project here, on YouTube.

I'm trying to make more than just dragons.   But it's hopeless.  Even my snakes are dragon-like.   Please take advantage of my fancy camera and watch in HD!

"Naga-Paper Mache Dragon Queen of Snakes"

  This is a follow up video to "Dani's Paper Mache Dragons" (below).  This is Drogon as a juvenile.  Enjoy.

"Juvie Drogon- Game of Thrones and Paper Mache"

I am a Game of Thrones fan.  Who isn't?   I decided to make a couple of Daenery's baby dragons.    Please watch in HD.  Much more satisfying.   You can see more of this build on my blog.     
                                 "Dani's Paper Mache Dragons"

As you can see, I  make time-lapse videos.   Here is a strange one.  Warning:  This one is adult oriented (paper mache puppets drinking rum and "freak" dancing). 

"Rum and Paper Mache"

For best results, double click on the video.  It will take you to YouTube.  Click on the gear and set it for High Definition playback.  And turn up the volume!   This is a great piece of music.   It's called "Rum." Thank you to Alpha and Westbury Music LTD for permission to use the this music.
For more of these videos, go to the Time Lapse Video page.
 little paper mache dragon marionette
Here is the star of the video.  Perhaps you want to know more about how he was made.   I show the construction of many of my paper mache projects on my blog, PaperMacheBlog.com.  

  "Paper Mache Dark Butterfly"

paper mache dark butterfly
  This is a project that is a little darker in nature.   Paper mache is not all cute piggy banks.   I show the construction of her on my blog and I have a video of her being made on my the Time Lapse Video page.

"Paper Mache Buddha,with Jo"
paper mache buddha
I made this Buddha for a coffee shop.  Once again, there is a time lapse video of this project and you can watch him being made on my blog.

"Paper Mache Sea Dragon"

paper mache sea dragon
This is my favorite paper mache dragon to date.    You guessed it, you can watch a time lapse video of this dragon and also watch me build her  (and her baby) on my blog.

"Paper Mache Ganesh (with Mooshika)"

paper mache ganesh
Yes, time lapse video of this one too!

Have you figured out that I love dragons?  I can't wait to make another one. 

"Paper Mache Dragon Trophy"
paper mache dragon trophy
I'll bet you are wondering, "Does he have a video of this one too?"  Why yes, I do!  How'd you guess?

I'm hoping at this point that you see that paper mache isn't about balloons and piggy banks.    I've spent my career trying to change the image of this art form.     It has unlimited potential.   When was the last time you did paper mache?   Time to get dirty!!